Math Evolve Launches On All Major Platforms


InterAction Education Brings Math Evolve To Mac and Windows

    After finding critical and popular success on the iTunes App Store, InterAction Education is bringing Math Evolve to a wider audience around the world.
 Math Evolve is available for download on all major computers, tablets, and mobile devices.  Parents and teachers can now download this award-winning educational app for Mac, Windows PCs, and all Android phones and tablets.  The app has already climbed to the top of the charts in the Mac App Store, and is currently the #7 Education app in the U.S. and amongst the Top 100 paid apps in all categories.

    Math Evolve is an innovative educational tool that combines math practice with arcade-style gameplay to create a truly engaging experience for students. The app has been hailed by parents and teachers as a "revolutionary" learning tool for children, and was awarded Best Educational Game of 2011 (2nd Place) in the Best App Ever Awards.  Teachers can now purchase Math Evolve for their school's computers, and students can enjoy the game on their laptops or come computers.

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    Bringing Math Evolve to these new platforms brings us closer to our goal of making innovative learning games available for students everywhere.  With the arrival of Math Evolve to Mac and Windows computers, the game now be enjoyed by a much more diverse and global audience.   Math Evolve for Mac is the #2 education app on The Mac App Store in El Salvador and Egypt, and we are launching soon with a fully localized version for China.  We are excited that children around the world can now experience this engaging way to practice math. If you are interested in getting Math Evolve for your school, tutoring service, or school district, we would be happy to donate copies of the app for student use. Please Contact Us if you are interested in trying Math Evolve for free.

Download Links:

Math Evolve on the Mac App Store

Math Evolve for Windows

Math Evolve on Google Play

Math Evolve on the Amazon App Store

Math Evolve on The App Store for iOS

Math Evolve is Now Available For Android Phones And Tablets


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Math Evolve Is Now Available On Android

No iPad or iPhone? No problem! We are excited to announce that Math Evolve is available NOW on Google Play and the Amazon App Store for all Android-powered phones and tablets running Android 2.3+. To celebrate the launch, Math Evolve will be discounted 50% through this Friday. You can download Math Evolve for Android now through the links above or by going to

Though the iPad is still the dominant player in the tablet world, there are a number of new tablet computers that are entering the market to give Apple some worthy competition. Many of these devices offer great user experiences at a lower price than the iPad, and are excellent choices for a children because they are durable and lightweight. Math Evolve can now run on any of these tablets, including the Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, and upcoming Google Nexus 7. We should also be launching very soon on the Barnes and Noble App Store for the NOOK and NOOK tablet. We are very happy that a wider audience can now make learning fun with Math Evolve, and we look forward to continuing to expand and improve the app based on feedback you.

Are you an Android user? Do you use any of these other tablets? Please lets us know in the comments below!


Making Money With Math: High Score Contest Winners

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Making Money With Math: High Score Contest Winners!

After two months of heated competition, the Math Evolve high-score contest has come to a close. Many moms, kids, and math evolve addicts submitted their high scores in hopes of attaining glory and winning iTunes cash. We would like to congratulate the victorious and thank everyone that participated. Read their stories below. The winners:

$100 Grand Prize and Title of ‘Math Evolve Legend’: Courtney Phillips
Expert Mode Score: 3,411,355
Her Story:
Courtney is 24 years old and entered this contest on behalf of her brother who has autism. She said, “Last year, he was given the amazing gift of an iPad from A4CWSN. Since then, I have been searching for good educational apps for him. I am really excited to use this gift card to buy some of the more pricey educational apps that will help my brother!!” The winning game that earned her this mind-boggling score took over 2 hours to complete!

$25 Prize: Tyler Moore
Advanced Mode Score: 1,411,251
His Story:
Tyler’s winning score was sent in by his mom Tea. Apparently the contest really motivated him to master his math facts: “I encouraged him to play as he was learning his multiplication tables and was having a hard time remembering them. There are many math apps out there, but this one is his favorite, as it's actually quite challenging for him and he loved it so much that he just kept playing it.  Well, after so many tries, he's become quite good at his tables. I love that!”

$25 Prize: Judd Bortz
Beginner Mode Score: 2,849,481
His Story:
I teach 6th grade, and Judd is one of my students. During the development process, he helped vote on the characters in Math Evolve and play test the app before it came out. Judd loves math, and is also a budding investor and business man, so he jumped at this opportunity to make some money playing Math Evolve. He spent many hours trying to top the scores that kept coming in, but was unfortunately defeated by Courtney on the very last day of the contest. Next time Judd!

Look out for future contests from Math Evolve, so you too can win money while saving the universe and sharpening your math skills.


Math Evolve High Score Competition

To celebrate the release of our new update, we are launching a month-long competition to award our players with $150 worth of iTunes gift cards. Encourage your children to practice - or start learning how to play yourself - because we are awarding prizes to the players who can attain the highest scores in each difficulty level of Math Evolve. The player with the highest overall score will win a $100 iTunes gift card and receive the title “Math Evolve Champion” in the game’s credits. You can get more information about the contest and how to enter here: Math Evolve High Score Contest. Posted below is a screenshot of the highest score every attained in Math Evolve. Can you beat it? If you can, you will earn the title of “Math Evolve Legend” in the game’s credits and will probably win $125 in iTunes cash.


Math Evolve is Nominated in the Best App Ever Awards

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Support Math Evolve By Voting

We are proud to announce that Math Evolve has been nominated for Best Educational Game and Best Middle School Student App of 2011 in the
Best App Ever Awards. If you support our mission of making math fun for kids, please help us out by voting for Math Evolve now:



More Great Reviews!

We also wanted to share a few more fantastic reviews of Math Evolve. We are so glad to hear that kids everywhere are enjoying our app, and that parents and teachers are finding it fun and useful. Thanks for sharing all your feedback and suggestions. There is a new upgrade coming soon….

Best Apps For Kids gave Math Evolve a perfect 5/5 score and an editor’s choice award, calling it “the holy grail of edutainment math apps.”

MomTrends featured Math Evolve, praising it as the perfect math app for kids because it is fun and educational. The beautiful graphics, music, and exciting game play will make your child forget they are learning and excited about math! Read More...

Great Reviews For Math Evolve: The Best Math Game On The App Store

kids playing teachers with apps

Picture by Teachers With Apps.

Math Evolve is hailed by teachers and students as a “revolutionary” educational app.

Reviews are pouring in for Math Evolve, our innovative new math app for kids. We are so glad to hear that students, parents, and teachers everywhere are enjoying Math Evolve. We had a dream of creating a truly fun and engaging experience for kids, and based on these reviews, it seems like that dream has been realized. Thanks to all our great reviewers and everyone who has helped support us! If you want to try Math Evolve in your classroom for free or have any comments or suggestions about the app, please contact us.


Apps For Homeschooling Review: 5/5 Apple Score appsforhomeschooling5app
"Math Evolve is a rare app indeed. It is all about math but the game play is so immersive, so engaging, that the math is tackled enthusiastically to progress through the levels…Together with the flexible options and detailed statistics, Math Evolve has carved a place for itself amongst the best math drill apps in the App Store." -Jennifer Bogart,

Teachers With Apps Review - "Math Evolve…has really pushed the envelope. Mastering these facts takes time and a lot of practice, and Math Evolve has all that taken care of in an enormously engaging format." -

Fun Educational Apps Review: Math Evolve is a Fun Educational Apps TOP PICK! "Math Evolve is one of a kind math game! It is fun, entertaining and ideal for practice. It offers stunning illustration that will engage your kids. This game app is very well designed and thanks to all the various settings, it can be customized to many different levels.  A top math game app that keeps the kids busy for a while …"

Applicable2U Review: The traditional way of learning your facts has come into the 21st century”

Toby Price Video Review - This assistant principle and "iPad Jedi" shows off the basics of Math Evolve.