Math Evolve Launches On All Major Platforms


InterAction Education Brings Math Evolve To Mac and Windows

    After finding critical and popular success on the iTunes App Store, InterAction Education is bringing Math Evolve to a wider audience around the world.
 Math Evolve is available for download on all major computers, tablets, and mobile devices.  Parents and teachers can now download this award-winning educational app for Mac, Windows PCs, and all Android phones and tablets.  The app has already climbed to the top of the charts in the Mac App Store, and is currently the #7 Education app in the U.S. and amongst the Top 100 paid apps in all categories.

    Math Evolve is an innovative educational tool that combines math practice with arcade-style gameplay to create a truly engaging experience for students. The app has been hailed by parents and teachers as a "revolutionary" learning tool for children, and was awarded Best Educational Game of 2011 (2nd Place) in the Best App Ever Awards.  Teachers can now purchase Math Evolve for their school's computers, and students can enjoy the game on their laptops or come computers.

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    Bringing Math Evolve to these new platforms brings us closer to our goal of making innovative learning games available for students everywhere.  With the arrival of Math Evolve to Mac and Windows computers, the game now be enjoyed by a much more diverse and global audience.   Math Evolve for Mac is the #2 education app on The Mac App Store in El Salvador and Egypt, and we are launching soon with a fully localized version for China.  We are excited that children around the world can now experience this engaging way to practice math. If you are interested in getting Math Evolve for your school, tutoring service, or school district, we would be happy to donate copies of the app for student use. Please Contact Us if you are interested in trying Math Evolve for free.

Download Links:

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Math Evolve for Windows

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Math Evolve on The App Store for iOS