Making Money With Math: High Score Contest Winners

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Making Money With Math: High Score Contest Winners!

After two months of heated competition, the Math Evolve high-score contest has come to a close. Many moms, kids, and math evolve addicts submitted their high scores in hopes of attaining glory and winning iTunes cash. We would like to congratulate the victorious and thank everyone that participated. Read their stories below. The winners:

$100 Grand Prize and Title of ‘Math Evolve Legend’: Courtney Phillips
Expert Mode Score: 3,411,355
Her Story:
Courtney is 24 years old and entered this contest on behalf of her brother who has autism. She said, “Last year, he was given the amazing gift of an iPad from A4CWSN. Since then, I have been searching for good educational apps for him. I am really excited to use this gift card to buy some of the more pricey educational apps that will help my brother!!” The winning game that earned her this mind-boggling score took over 2 hours to complete!

$25 Prize: Tyler Moore
Advanced Mode Score: 1,411,251
His Story:
Tyler’s winning score was sent in by his mom Tea. Apparently the contest really motivated him to master his math facts: “I encouraged him to play as he was learning his multiplication tables and was having a hard time remembering them. There are many math apps out there, but this one is his favorite, as it's actually quite challenging for him and he loved it so much that he just kept playing it.  Well, after so many tries, he's become quite good at his tables. I love that!”

$25 Prize: Judd Bortz
Beginner Mode Score: 2,849,481
His Story:
I teach 6th grade, and Judd is one of my students. During the development process, he helped vote on the characters in Math Evolve and play test the app before it came out. Judd loves math, and is also a budding investor and business man, so he jumped at this opportunity to make some money playing Math Evolve. He spent many hours trying to top the scores that kept coming in, but was unfortunately defeated by Courtney on the very last day of the contest. Next time Judd!

Look out for future contests from Math Evolve, so you too can win money while saving the universe and sharpening your math skills.